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Phoenix Swords: 2004 Galleries

Phoenix really picked up steam and are staples at at certain faires!


FLEXcon Company Picnic

Norfolk Grange Demo


First United Methodist Church Homecoming

NJ Family Medieval festival

Park City Renaissance Faire Weekend I

Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire

Prospect Renaissance Faire

Park City Renaissance Faire Weekend II


Salem Common

Look Park Demo

Hunters of the Sky -Exhibit Opening

Salem Pirate Faire

AJ's Barbeque

Jericho Medieval Faire

Science Fiction People of Clark University

Eastern States Exposition

KidFest-Corporate Event

Taste of the Faire Fundraiser Dinner

Eastern States Exposition Parade

Mobile Zoo Renaissance Faire

Noreascon-World Science Fiction Convention

Boylston Fair

Mystic Realms Fantasy Faire

NJ Medieval Family Festival

Ben and Jerry's Company Picnic

New Boston Family Grange day



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