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  1. Phoenix Swords is an organization created and maintained for the purpose of performing acts of entertainment and historical recreation. These acts will include, but are not limited to:
    1. Sword fighting
    2. Fire juggling & eating
    3. Puppet shows
    4. Stage acts incorporating any or all of the above
  2. Phoenix Swords expects its members and employees to act, practice and perform in a safe manner that will minimize the chance of risk to ourselves and to our customers. Because we regularly use and perform with items that could cause significant physical damage (swords, fire, etc.) a higher standard of safety is required than for simple stage performance. Members and employees are expected to understand this and act accordingly. Any questions about specifics should be brought to the troupe leader.
  3. Phoenix Swords expects its members and employees to act in a manner than is professional at all times that their behavior could effect the reputation of the troupe or its members. Members and employees are expected to understand this and act accordingly. Any questions about specifics should be brought to the troupe leader.
  4. Any member or employee of the troupe that does not act in a safe and/or professional manner shall be given a verbal warning the first time, a written warning the second time, and shall be suspended from the troupe on the third offense. Particularly grievous breaches in policy can, at the troupe leader's discretion, lead to immediate suspension. Suspension may be temporary or permanent as the troupe leader sees fit.
  5. The initial troupe leader shall be the creator of the troupe. At any point, the leader of the troupe may resign as leader. At this time the troupe membership may elect another leader from the members of the troupe.
  6. The troupe leader shall be responsible for all aspects of the troupe. They may delegate any and all authority for this as they see fit.
  7. As professionals, troupe members and employees shall determine their own capabilities and comfort levels at our practices and performances. No troupe member shall be forced to do any performance, act or action that they do not feel comfortable doing. They are responsible for communicating their objection as soon as possible, so other plans can be made.



    These people shall be the volunteers or "squires" for the group. They are people who wish to help the troupe on an individual performance basis. They receive a share of the tips from any show they work, as well as admission to the faire and meal(s) during the course of the faire. At the troupe leaders discretion, they may also receive other items for their assistance. (T-shirts, etc.) This will be handled on an individual performance basis as events warrant.


    Associate members will be hired by the troupe on an individual performance basis. As such, these people will be paid a flat fee for their performance. All people at a performance, associate, staff and support, shall divide tips evenly.

    Associate members will be required to attend a number of practice and rehearsal sessions before the performance for which they are hired. How many will be determined by the troupe leader based on the specifics of an individual job.

    Under normal circumstances, associate members are not reimbursed for expenses relegated to the performance. In rare cases, exceptions will be made on an individual performance basis.

  3. STAFF MEMBER Staff members are the core members of the group. They are expected to attend all practices and performances of the group unless prior arrangements are made.

    Staff members will not be paid on a performance basis, but will be reimbursed for travel, lodging and meals related to a performance.

    It is expected that staff members will continually try and improve and add to their skills. As such Phoenix Swords will support any training they wish to undertake that will be applicable to troupe performances. It is the goal to have all appropriate training be subsidized by the troupe as funds allow. If sufficient funds are not available, the troupe leader shall determine how much of the training will be paid for by the troupe. In cases where more than one member wishes training, the troupe leader shall determine how to reimburse the parties involved.

    The troupe shall also invest in props, costumes and accessories for staff members by request of the members as the troupe leader sees fit.



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