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Phoenix Swords:Reviews

International School of Dundee
Thank you for your comments! I got raving reviews about Phoenix Swords and we look forward to seeing you back at the ISD Renaissance Festival next year.
Lord Christopher of Dundee ISD Rennaissance Festival Organizer

Medieval Country Fair
Dear Fenix and Phoenix Swords,
We are very grateful to you for coming the distance and sharing your time and talent with us at the Medieval Country Fair! What a pleasure it was to make your acquaintance and become familiar with the performances you have to offer. Your shows and demos during the day were wonderful and very informative as well. As a teacher, I always appreciate that. We so very much appreciated your coming and presenting for the enjoyment of the fairgoers. We hope you had a good time yourselves, too?..we will certainly remember you folks as we make future plans. You do a fine job.
Jan Steinbauer on behalf of the Medieval Fair Committee

Higgins Armory Museum
On behalf of the Higgins Armory Museum and our sponsor A.G. Edwards, we would like to sincerely thank you for contributing your time, efforts and talents to the success of our 2003 Higgins Faire.

Our public responses were even more fantastic than any year prior and the credit goes to the dedicated efforts both in front of the public and behind the scenes that made the day go so fluidly (we had members show up early to help with other duties at the museum) Again, thank you and best wishes to you and yours for a great summer Handwritten: Thanks Frank[Fenix], you were amazing! -Heather N. Feland, Director of Public Programs, Higgins Armory Museum

Mobile Zoo Renaissance Faire
Thank you for your awesome assistance and performances at MZRF 2002! We look forward to your appearances at GCRF 2003! Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. I got to watch a lot more of your stuff this time and was very pleased. The TV show stuff has been ordered, when we get it I will send you a copy. Thanks again! [we were taped for local TV] Your friend, Steven Melei (organizer)

Salem Common, "Safety First "
I just wanted to let you know that my 7 year old son had a great time handling the sword at your SWORD fighting demo at the SALEM, MA show that you had. He talked about how the man that he fought with was so much fun to play fight with and that he showed him "COOL STUFF". Thank you for your time and understanding with small children. Richard W. Thibault (visitor)

Harvest Festival and Medieval Faire
On behalf of Paladin Music and Entertainment, Inc, and Four Sisters Winery, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in the 2002 Family Harvest Festival and Medieval Faire, held last month on October 5-6.
Despite the short notice we gave you on this event, your vigilant efforts to gather your group, your dedication to make the event a success and your endeavor to go beyond what we asked was truly inspirational and rewarding.
Your group maintained professionalism at all times and kept the atmosphere entertaining and fun for not only the patrons, but for Paladin Music, Mystic Realm and For Sisters Winery Staff as well.
It would be an honor to work with your group again and a pleasure to recommend them to any organization who is capable of appreciating your talents. Peace and Honor
Mr. Chris Lance CEO

Prospect Faire
Thank you, each and every God Blessed one of you. Our Faire was successful due to the wondrous performances and personalities that enlightened and entertained the patrons. We would love for you to attend us again, next year. ... But be assured, My Lovies, you all are requested back to play with us once again. Sandra Plankey, organizer

Dunstable Fair
Thank you very much for your performance on Saturday. Your participation this year contributed to the success of our fair. I have passed your new card on to the State Lecture and organizer for the MA Grange Expo. I hope you will be able to attend next year, reach more people and book more shows. Once again thank you, and your troupe for your performance.  Good luck at your show this weekend. Susan L., organizer

Boylston Camp
I can't say enough about Temper and Fenix . They have always entertained in a very professional way every time I have witnessed performances. The campers were very delighted to see them.

The troupe has always gone above and beyond what has been asked of them, including the participation of the audience. Of all the programs we have had, sword fighting has been the best and most talked about. Fenix's knowledge of medieval history of the proper techniques in sword fighting are very interesting, and of course the costumes and the accents used by the fighters brings a sense of realism to the performance.

Phoenix Swords would get 5 stars from me and any of the people who have had the opportunity to enjoy one of their performances. Deborah Goodrich-State Grange organizer, also a repeat customer.



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