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Remember, “Temper” is part of ”temperance.”

Although she uses the stage name "Temper," Holly has done a number of formal presentations under her own name as well, including three years of public demonstrations with the Higgins Armory Sword Guild (where she’s still a member and involved with the on-going study of various historical manuals). Holly’s work and experiences with the Guild are shared with Phoenix and its audience with the blessing of Amy West and Mark Millman, two well-known scholars who have developed Silver material and sequences for 1.33 at Higgins Armory.

Previously, Holly spent two years with another performance group and has presented her work at two symposia at the Renaissance Center of the University of Massachusetts.

Holly is a member of the Association of Historical Fencing, and has enjoyed courses there and with several well-known sword professionals. Because our consulting advisor feels that she does not brag nearly enough, this list includes Stephen Hand, Christian Tobler, Andrew Dean, Doctor Patri Pugliese, and Tony Wolf.

Holly’s work is not limited to just blades; she arranges courses and supports “The Academy of Lost Arts” (Doctor Patri Pugliese, Mark Millman, Jeff Lord), Phoenix Swords’ Wednesday Night Historical Study Group (a group open to the interested public), and a Saturday study group hosted by Jeff Lord.

Holly is one of the driving forces behind "Phoenix Fire" and has taken it from some devil sticks to a full troupe that does trimester development of fire acts and performance. Phoenix Fire is cited as being one of the safest (by a former Disney employee), most professional (every Fire Marshall has approved our in-house procedures), and most friendly (by every other fire performer who has taken the time to speak to us) groups nationwide. Phoenix Fire has been a night show staple at three renaissance faires for three years running. Holly not only is head of Safety, but can pick up most of the fire tools (no juggling or fire breath) and can use them competently, if not quite beautifully. Her specialty is the Flaming Meteor, which is based on Chinese War Hammers, and which was voted "Most Dangerous Fire Prop" by fire performers on the Fire Arts Community on Tribe.

Holly is Fenix's wife, a co-founder of Phoenix Swords, and handles and designs all publicity and materials, websites, and public listings, and she requests final say on any public performance. Holly has spearheaded collaboration with numerous groups across the country to promote a sense of community and better stage craft and to share ideas. (Bragging again: Renaissance Sword Theatre, Meena, Drunken Badgers, KY Renfaire cast, Mystic Realms, and more.)

As you may guess, study, the troupe, blades, and fire are a large portion of how Holly spends her time. She also has a full-time job running a modern languages/media lab at a local college.

Temper; what makes a good blade, be sure to keep it.







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