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Minyon is one of the senior members of our troupe, and has been with us since 2003. Minyon had a background in amateur theatre before those nice men in white coats threw him out of their van at our doorstep and sped away.  After we learned how to keep him in line (lots of food combined with many knocks on the head and putting him in a dress every now and then), he put those talents to good use in our stage acts.

We never could keep Minyon away from fire, so one day we roped off an area, bought more fire extinguishers, and watched (and then proceeded to run for our lives).  When he got to the point he wasn't unintentionally burning himself (or chasing after squirrels and bunnies with lit torches) we put him in front of an audience.  These days, this prolific fire performer has a number of tricks up his sleeve (that's a nice way of saying we have devised many tortures to put him through for your amusement):

* Fire Touches - Hands and Arms

* Lighting his head on fire (and for a bigger tip, we've been known to draw a smiley face with the fuel on his head)

* Fire Fan Dancing - both large and small fans

* Fire Sticks (2 1/2 foot long wicks = a lot of fire)

* Fire Eating

* Fire Breathing ('cause we are smart enough not to drink fuel, then grab a lit torch, and then breathe on it!)

* Fire Sword Fighting ('cause we're not quite smart enough to keep ten pounds of flaming metal away from him)


Most of Minyon's historical study has focused on German Long Sword - in particular the techniques and instruction found within Joquime Meyer's manual from the late 16th century.  He has received instruction from The Higgins Armory Museum, and from the Association of Renaissance and Medieval Swordsmanship.  Many of his stage-combat fights draw heavily on that influence.  Strangely enough, he is quite the calm and reflectful student (but we do need the extra big mallet after his classes.)

Lastly, when Minyon has become a little "over stimulated" (and still healing from a concussion) we have taught him how to perform with puppets, drum using a djembe, give sword lessons, project his voice (we don't need a loudspeaker - he is one) and other useful tricks.

Settling down with his significant other seems to have tamed him a bit (we don't need to hit him in the head... as much), but don't let that fool you. 

He is still one crazy MAMA-JAMMA when we let him loose on stage.  Remember - tip us well - cause if you don't we might not have enough gas money to bring him back with us!



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