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Fenix began his public performances in the fall of 1971 when he began to play classical violin. He continued this for 6 years eventually becoming the concertmaster of his school's orchestra. In the spring of 75 he branched out to singing and acting as well. In addition to continuing his violin playing he took a part in a production of the HMS Pinafore.

This led him to join a choir and participate in his hometown's bicentennial concert as a singer. In 1977, to his lasting regret, he stopped playing the violin and moved on to other activities. He joined a swim team and eventually this led him to become a certified scuba diver.

At this point he also became involved in a patriotic organization for youth, the Children of the American Revolution. Over the next five years, he rose in the organization eventually becoming the New England Vice President and then National Assistant Organizing Secretary. The adult version of the group, the Sons of the American Revolution, quickly recruited him to be in their reenactment color guard. He soon found himself in front of a crowd again marching in parades and taking part in Revolutionary War reenactments.

Not enjoying public speaking as much as acting, in college, he returned to the stage. He acted in several plays including playing the lead in one production.

Also in college he started to get involved with swords. A few fencing lessons and some time with the SCA got him started. Lots of duels with his roommates over the years kept him interested.

Getting his degree in Mechanical Engineering, he then worked for several different companies, becoming chief engineer at two of them. During this time he published a few short stories and he and his wife wrote and produced a comic book that lasted for several years.

In the summer of 2000, he finally joined his love of acting and sword fighting, joining the performance group HAVOC and performing at the Festival of the Lion. Havoc quickly Became Steele Fantasies, and he and his wife performed with that group for two more seasons.

Now, deciding to take the reins of his own group, Fenix has formed Phoenix Swords. Click here for the Medieval German Festival Coupon!




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