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How long have we been doing this?

That is a question we are frequently asked.
Personally, I have been performing on stage in front of an audience since 1971. However, I have only been performing with swords since 2000.

My father was never one for acting. But, he played a number of instruments (violin, viola, & coronet) in a number of orchestras and bands for close to 70 years.

I had always thought that I had my love of being on stage from him, even if we did it in different ways. However, in the fall of 2001, my father's sister passed away. When going through some old pictures she had, we found this one

This shows my father's mother performing in a Medieval play in 1909. My grandmother is sitting in the center of the front row, slightly behind two other women.

If you compare this cast photo with some of the ones I've been in since 2000, you'll find they look a lot alike.

So, how long have we been doing this?

My family has been at it for at least 93 years so far.




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