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Andy Volpe

Otherwise known as: Roman Dude and Dudicus

Andy has been with Phoenix Swords since 2003/04. He helps give Historical
Combat demonstrations and occasionally becomes a character, caught in the
middle of the chaos known as Phoenix stage shows and acts.

His historical combat work comes from his experience with the Higgins Armory
Sword Guild (a member since 2002), a group that seeks to research,
translate, and reconstruct Medieval and Renaissance Fencing/Combat manuals.
You might see him give combat demonstrations with the Guild at Higgins
Armory Museum in Worcester, MA, as well as other venues and conventions.

His weapons experience includes the Longsword from 15th and 16th century
German manuals, including Joachim Meyer's 1570 manual; Sword and Buckler
from the I.33 -Walpurgis Fechtbuch manual of the early 1300‚s; Rapier and
Dagger from DiGrassi‚s "True Arte of Defence" from 1570; Dussack,
Messer/Falchion, and Halberd also makes up some of his work.

You might also seen him as his alter-ego, Titus Vulpius Dominicus, aka
"Roman Dude", portraying a Roman Legionary from the 1st Century, occupying
various spots of land at [Faires] in the name of the Roman Empire, being
obnoxious as a Roman Soldier ought to be, Danglium and all.

He is a Living-Historian/Reenactor with Legio III Cyrenaica, a Roman Legion
Living History group based in the New England area. He also gives monthly
Roman presentations at Higgins Armory Museum. The nickname "Roman Dude" came
as an abbreviation to saying "Roman Legionary" all the time...And it stuck.

He is also an associate member of Leg. XX Valeria Victrix based in Maryland,
and with Leg. XXIV Media Atlantia based in Pennsylvania/New York.

He is also an Artist (holding a Bachelors of Art in Fine Arts), exhibiting
works at the Westboro Gallery in Westboro MA, as well as conventions such as
Arisia in Boston. He is currently researching Medieval/Renaissance Drawing
and Printing techniques.

Please see his website here





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