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I have been a member of Phoenix Swords since it was first formed. I've been working with a light sword for about 3 years. Hopefully this season I will be able to expand my horizons by learning dagger and possibly another sword type, not sure what it will be yet. I am the official unofficial dance choreographer of the troupe. Gypsy dancing has been used in several of our shows now, the debute was in Pensacola, FL 2003. I have been dancing for 17 years, tap, jazz, and lyrical, so this background helps me in creating gypsy pieces. I am also one of the troupes fire dancers. I LOVE playing with fire. It's intimidating at first but once you get going it's really fun. You can choose to believe it or not but I am only 20 years old.

The funny thing about me being a sword fighter is that when I joined the troupe I was dead set against fighting. Now look at me, I beat up my brother in the ring after only having a few months of training. Then in FL, March 2003, my best friend and I did an awesome chick fight. My favorite faire memory is when I fought my brother and he was being booed and hissed at because it looked like he was going to win. Of course he was the "bad guy" because he's SO much larger than I am plus I'm a girl. The audience was glad to see the underdog win the fight in the end.

Wabbit, Alexa the Gypsy

Please feel free to look at Alexa's candids of our troupe in the gallery, watch a quick dance, or pop over to her website.

She will also be premiering a fire dance at faires this fall!



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