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06/21/05-Not "Seasons", architecture for the future -We are only halfway into 2006 but already the ripples from the future are influencing this season. First, we have two new members, Josh and Raven and it has been one of the smoothest introductions we have ever witnessed. We have two bookings for 2006 and each job we have done this season seems to attract other jobs-a geometric progression that seems great-as long as we can keep up with it!

Our big announcement is one that has been a personal plan since the inception of Phoenix Swords-a "Home Faire." We've always felt that way with Steve Melei's faires but sadly, they are 1200 miles away. This does not mean we are going into the "organizer" biz, it means that the group will have a "petri dish " location in which to experiment and understand all the workings of a faire. (Similar to Cirque du Soleil and Montreal-this isn't saying we're that fabulous, we are just willing to filch great ideas ;-) Our plan is to be a performance group -with a place to invite all the great acts and friends we know from around the country. We don't plan on it being very big but we DO plan on it being something unique and intimate. Our first year-very small and tiny. The point of this year to help the West Springfield Turnverein be re-recognized in the community for all the good work they do. If we have our friends show up with their families, have fun, enjoy the performances and buy some beer from the Turnverein we will declare it a success! Be sure to mark your calendars for May 21rst 2006.

03/25/05-New Season, big plans - Our group has traditionally been a close one but we feel that as an ensemble we've made tremendous strides - especially with winter training schedules and incorporating trust and balance exercises into our routine. Our Fire Team has grown up enough that we will be doing fire shows in two locations concurrently in May. Casey Lee can breathe a sigh of relief that he is no longer the only "senior" fire user and he can take a few weekends off! And we've become a repeat entertainment at yet another faire (feed us and we'll be back!) It really makes us feel great when organizers contact us early and annually to make sure we'll be there! This year was three times for/will be MZRF and GCRF, our second trip to Ansonia, CT, and our third visit to the Mystic Realms Fantasy Faire. Other bookings are up in the air but we have high hopes for our 2005 season.

02/05/05-Did I mention..busy? - Phoenix Swords has now come into that special time for performance troupe we never thought would happen-trying to keep up with our own schedule! Although Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire traditionally starts our season it is usually the only event in March! But this year we have been especially busy with inside group AND outside events. Part of the reason updates have been slow is because we have not only been sending out new promotional DVDs (contact us if you would like to hire us and we'll send one!) but have been doing it on a new computer and operating system! It has made things...complicated. We have a new practice ground that is indoors and heated thanks to JR of Hoops Archery. We will be doing workshops in April that will be open to the public and are trying to work on an event for 2006 that we hope will be fun for the whole family!

And then there is the usual to-do list as well.



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