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"Merlin" is our little phoenix mascot. He took almost three weeks of development and you'll notice his features aren't "perfectly" symetrical-that's because we wanted him to have a little personality. His parents were designs on Russian lacquer boxes and stories of Fire birds, Thunderbird, and phoenix myths. Merlin also represents a lot of work, love and faith through some hard times. Our dear Jade named the little guy and well, it just suited him. Merlin's beak is white hot and he goes nose-first into everything. He's got a little star on his forehead to keep his goals toward the heavens and those nice yellow-flamed talons in case things get rough, a regular little firecracker. But for those who know the phoenix myth, his birth didn't come easy. The little spitfire is here now and we hope that he (and we) make friends and fans everywhere those wings go.



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