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Phoenix Swords:This swordfight is for you!

Michael and Ethan 's Gallery from the Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire

Ethan and Michaels 's Gallery from the Mobile Renaissance Faire

Amelia's Gallery from the Park City Renfaire

Jans's gallery from The Country Medieval Faire

Levi's gallery: Levi was a one-man posse at the Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire-he rounded up all the bad guys and earned himself a deputy position and sword lessons!

"Thanks again for Levi's lesson. He is usually very shy, but you made him feel comfortable. Mike "

Thank you again to Levi's Dad, Mike for taking and sharing these photos!

GCRF -levi's photos

A photo from Hawkwolf in Ohio

Sun, 8 Jun 2003 23:47:41 -0700 (PDT)To: *

Subject: I have pics from Roswell Medieval Fest

Good day!

One of the fine performers from your troupe was kind enough to let me have her picture taken with her, and she requested that I send her a copy. Tell everyone we loved the shows!

One group of little girls wanted to say Hi" and thanks to both Jade and to the Fairy Queen of Mystic Realms.



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