Because Temper is a good sport

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  • "Ladies, Ladies! Take it easy. There is enough Frodo for everyone!" *-Rookie45* 27.8%
  • It's all fun and games until someone loses a breast... *-mghazimo* 27.3%
  • "We're not saying they are suspects in Xena's disappearance, merely persons of interest." *-Tux611* 26.6%
  • The Medieval Club's membership recently doubled so they had their first party. *-pmclaugh* 15.7%
  • Laura acts out on her sword envy. *-Landiner* 2.5% *Total votes: 395*
*Real caption:* Holly Hunt of Shrewsbury and Amy West of Putnam, CT, re-create a fighting technic described in a historical manual on warfare during a meeting of the study group at the Higgins Armory Musuem. *Globe Photo*