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Sword Gallery Updated 3/21/05

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Perrin's new short sword/messiers from MP Metalworks
Aarons new mini-cutlasses from MP Metalworks

Here is Aaron with his Starfire crescent, MP Metalworks cutlasses

Jade's Starfire light swords

Fenix's latest longsword from Starfire 39'

Fenix and Temper's practice rapiers from CAS Iberia 34' and 42'

Aaron's small cutlass from MP Metalworks

These are two performance-only light, aluminum swords made by David Baker of Hollywood Combat Center

This is Minyon's custom set of Blackened swords from MP Metalworks with custom dragon head pommel

Nate with Fenix's Bec De Corbins from Museum Replicas (Note: we have made modifications to make them combat-ready)

Nate with one of his custom Falchions from MP Metalworks

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